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The Sleep Bundle

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Everyone’s got an opinion on sleep, so we created The Sleep Bundle to scrap the myths and equip you with the tools and wisdom you need.  This powerful bundle includes three Sleep courses: Healthy Newborn Sleep, Tear-free, Early Morning Wakings, and Naps, Decoded.   With the help of certified sleep consultant Katie Pitts, we tackle your biggest sleep challenges, like “why does my baby wake up at 5am?”, “can my baby fall asleep on his own?” and “what time should he nap?”.  The Sleep Bundle succinctly teaches you everything you need to know about your child’s sleep, so you can feel rested and confident.  

$30.00 $24.00
$30.00 $24.00

Workshop Descriptions

Healthy Newborn Sleep, Tear Free

Newborn sleep is one of the toughest challenges for new parents.  With mountains of conflicting advice from friends, books and Google, many parents resign to living with minimal sleep for the first months or longer.  But there ARE simple changes you can make to help your baby (and you!) sleep better and longer.  Renowned sleep expert Katie Pitts will give you step-by-step instructions to teach your baby independent sleep skills – no crying involved!  Whether you’re expecting or already have a newborn already in your home, this class will empower you to lay solid sleep foundations for your family.

What You'll Learn

  • How do I teach my newborn to fall asleep on his own? 
  • How often should I feed my baby during the day to optimize nighttime sleep? 
  • Where is the safest place for my baby to sleep? 
  • How can I help my baby sleep longer stretches at night and nap times?
  • What’s a “wake window”, and how will this help my baby sleep longer? 
  • What’s a good newborn sleep bedtime routine?
  • What strategies can I use when my newborn is having difficulty sleeping? 

Naps, Decoded

Naps are an essential part of your routine: a chance for you to take a breath and your baby to rejuvenate.  That is, until your baby/toddler disagrees, and naps become a battle.  Katie will teach you everything you need to know about naps, from newborns to 5-year olds.  With this robust course, you’ll be able to peacefully put your little one down every day, and enjoy a relaxing cup of tea, kid-free!

What You'll Learn

  • How many naps should my child take?
  • How many hours of daytime sleep does she need?
  • When should my child wake from her naps? 
  • How can I teach my child to fall asleep independently during nap time? 
  • Why is my child taking short naps, and how can I fix it?
  • When will she be ready to transition to a new nap schedule?
  • How can I help transition nap schedules without throwing our days into chaos?
  • How can I ensure we both get a mid-day break when she stops napping?

Workshop Description

Early Morning Wakings

You’re in a deep sleep and you hear your baby calling for you.  You look at the clock and it’s only 5:10 am.  If this sounds familiar, then this course is a MUST.  Early morning wakings are one of the most misunderstood aspects of sleep training.  Sleep consultant Katie will explain the most common reasons early mornings happen and how to remedy them.  This class will give you the insight to help you and your baby ditch your pre-sunrise tradition.

What You'll Learn

  • What are the causes of early morning wakeups? 
  • How can I help my child break his 5AM wake-up habit? 
  • How does bedtime influence my child’s wake up time?
  • What is a sleep clock and how will that help my toddler to sleep longer?

This Bundle Is For

  • Pregnant and soon-to-be parents 
  • Parents of babies 0 months to 3 years old