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Understanding Your Newborn Bundle

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Inside each parent-to-be is an intuition waiting to be sharpened.  This popular bundle includes three Newborn classes: Newborn Essentials, Newborn Sleep, and Soothing your Newborn.  With the help of doula and lactation consultant Julie Hartman, we answer parent’s most pressing questions like “how will my newborn communicate with me?”, “what exactly IS sleeping through the night?” and “why do babies cry?”. Expectant parents will feel confident and ready to care for their newborn with the curated Newborn Bundle.



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Workshop Descriptions

Newborn Essentials

What’s cradle cap?  Does my baby know my voice?  Is that a real smile?  In Newborn Essentials, we’ll cover all the basics about your newborn baby.  With evidence-based and anecdotal knowledge, we take the confusion out of the newborn phase.  This class transforms pregnant (and expectant) people into confident parents.

What you'll learn:

  • What’s the “Magical Hour” and why is it so important?
  • What are the physical and behavioral characteristics of my newborn?
  • Can my baby see, hear, and smell me as soon as she’s born?
  • How will my baby communicate with me in her first days and weeks?
  • How can I develop a secure attachment with my baby from the beginning?
  • What milestones can we expect in my baby’s first three months?

Soothing Your Newborn

The most distressing thing for newborn parents is hearing their baby cry.   Should I react immediately? Am I spoiling him?  What exactly does he want?  In this class, we’ll discuss 7 reasons a baby cries, and strategies to understand, anticipate, and meet your baby’s needs.  


What You'll Learn:

  • Why do babies cry? 
  • How do I know which type of cry I’m hearing?
  • How can I make my baby as comfortable as he was in the womb?
  • How is my baby telling me when he’s hungry, gassy or tired? 
  • What’s colic? Does my baby have it?
  • How can I bond with and soothe my baby with infant massage?

Living with a Newborn

You had the baby- now what? Life looks drastically different with a newborn, and setting clear expectations can relieve relationship and family stress as well as postpartum anxiety and depression symptoms.  We wrap up the Newborn series by discussing and understanding what your newborn family will look and feel like.


What you'll learn:

How can my partner and I strengthen our connection and communication before our baby is born?

  • Once the baby is born, who’s a visitor? Who’s a helper?
  • How can I prepare older siblings and pets for the new addition?
  • How can my partner bond with our baby and confidently support me?
  • What’s my “new normal”, physically and emotionally?
  • How do I know if I’m feeling normal mood swings or postpartum mood disorders?
  • What resources are available to make this transition peaceful?

This bundle is for:

  • Pregnant and soon-to-be parents 
  • Parents of babies 0-8 weeks old