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Postpartum Self-Care Bundle

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When a baby is born, a mother is born too.  Society tells us to focus on what stroller to buy or how many ounces to pump, so we forget to care for the mother.  The Postpartum Self-Care Bundle is the antidote to this pattern, and includes two courses: Postpartum Herbal Remedies and Identity After Birth.  With the help of Clinical Herbalist Beth Sachnoff and psychotherapist Molly Nourmand, we give you a holistic self-care framework for the first year post-birth.  In this Bundle, Beth and Molly help you support your body with herbal medicine, reclaim your sexuality, and embrace your new identity as mama.

$30.00 $24.00
$30.00 $24.00

Workshop Descriptions:

Identity After Birth

Motherhood is a metamorphosis. There is no other time in a woman’s life when she experiences such a massive hormonal, emotional, physical and mental transformation—other than adolescence.   In this course, licensed psychotherapist Molly Nourmand will teach you how to navigate postpartum changes to your body, sexuality, career, priorities, and relationships.  This class will help you understand and embrace your complex and beautiful identity.

What You'll Learn:

  • How does my identity change as I become a new mother?
  • What hormonal and brain changes occur after birth?
  • How can I reconnect with my body after birth?
  • How can I reclaim my sexuality and my connection with my partner?
  • How do I integrate my pre-baby and mother identity and make peace with my new self?

Postpartum Herbal Remedies

Postpartum is more than the first 12 weeks after giving birth– it’s an extended season during which you grow into a confident mother.  In the first year of your baby’s life, herbal medicine provides much-needed nurturing while you do the momentous work of caring for your family.  In this course, Beth will teach you simple strategies for using herbal medicine to address common challenges experienced during the first year of parenting.

What You'll Learn:

  • How can plants safely and effectively support me in parenting?
  • What plants can I use to increase my milk supply?
  • Which plants support restful sleep and energy? 
  • How do I prepare the most powerful and effective medicinal cup of tea? 
  • How can I incorporate herbal medicine into my mental health self-care? 


This Bundle Is For:

  • Pregnant and soon-to-be parents 
  • Parents of babies 0-12 months old