Meet Abigail, Founder of The Sibyls

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Intuition + Knowledge =
Empowered Motherhood

In Ancient Greece, the Sibyls were female oracles who offered
advice and guidance to those seeking it. The Sibyls is not an
encyclopedia of information, but a wellspring of wisdom.

We believe that every woman has her own intuition that allows her to mother her
children best. When intuitive women are given knowledge and tools from trusted experts,
confident mothers emerge.

Meet Abigail Glenn

With a Master’s in Education, Abigail Glenn is a former elementary school teacher who’s passionate about supporting children and families.  Abby and her husband found out they were expecting their son Teddy while living abroad in London. 

After pregnancy, giving birth, and spending the first eight months of Teddy’s life far from family, they made the big move from London to New York City.  

Like many families, Abigail and her husband felt the challenges of parenthood in those early months, compounded by being far from family.

She found herself searching for advice and solutions for everything from breastfeeding to toddler sleep, and felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the sheer volume of advice on the internet.  

It was impossible to sift through and determine what was sound, research-backed wisdom and what was nonsense.

So Abby formed a network of experts to educate and empower mothers just like her.  Drawing from her years of experience helping families in the classroom, The Sibyls was born.

Why Workshops?

Abigail wanted to create a unified space where mothers could come to learn about the topics they needed to know. But she knew from first-hand experience that finding a sitter or having your child in tow for in-person seminars was a headache no mother needs.

The solution was simple: online workshops.

As opposed to meet-ups and classes taught across town, online workshops give mothers the chance to learn from experts whenever and wherever they want.

Mothers have the choice to watch live or watch the recorded video whenever it’s best for them. Whether you’re on the couch breastfeeding or having a glass of wine after your toddler’s bedtime, each webinar is easy and convenient.

With the most trustworthy wisdom distilled to less than 60 minutes, each webinar gives mothers what they need without asking anything of them.


Our Community of Experts:

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