A curated space where modern women learn from leading experts about all things motherhood. 

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The Sibyls is a unified and supportive hub where women gain access to wisdom from leading voices in pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

Today’s modern mother is inundated with parenting advice, that’s often contradictory, misinformed and confusing.

We’re on a mission to filter out the nonsense and give you the tools you truly need.

With the help of vetted experts, we offer a new workshop each week, each covering a specific topic and distilled to an hour or less of your time.


What We Believe In

Refined Advice

With an endless number of parenting books, blogs, and forums, mothers are exhausted and confused by a sea of shallow knowledge. We cut through the noise with clear and succinct advice from trusted experts.

A Woman’s Intuition

Today’s woman is taught to consume more and more content, drowning out her own intuitive inner voice. We strive to build confidence in each mother as she discovers her own style of motherhood.


We break the silence and go deep into the topics that need unmasking, to strengthen women as they embark on the rich landscape of motherhood. Whether it’s beautiful or challenging, we bring it to the table.

The Birth of The Sibyls

A former elementary school teacher with a Master’s in Education and passion for childhood development, Abigail Glenn became pregnant and gave birth to her first child while living in London. Far from family, both in London and now in New York, she found herself spending countless hours online, searching for trustworthy motherhood advice and solutions.

Overwhelmed by the vast amount of high-pressure advice on the internet, Abigail took a step back and imagined one centralized hub of trusted wisdom.

Tapping her community of educational leaders, she set out to create such a resource.

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In Ancient Greece, the Sibyls were female oracles who offered advice and guidance to those seeking it.

With a focus on empowering intuitive mothers and a desire to save precious time and energy of women like herself, Abigail launched The Sibyls.


You’ll Learn

With our evolving collection of workshops, we focus on the topics that mothers need most. Whether you choose one subject that hits home, or a bundle of courses that give you the foundation you want, you can expect concise and practical wisdom from our trusted community of leaders.

Topics Include:






Baby Play & Milestones

Toddler Behavior

Women’s Health


Parent Lifestyle

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Motherhood doesn’t have to be intimidating and lonely.

Join The Sibyls community of confident and supported women.